BillMyPhone provides customers with an easy payment option that doesn't require the use of a credit card or the mailing of a check or invoice. This convenient payment option enables merchants to bill a payment for good or services directly to a customer's home or mobile phone bill. It gives customers an extra incentive, an interest-free payment option.

BillMyPhone can be used for purchases or donations and both inbound and outbound telemarketing campaigns. Detailed charges of the product or service purchased will be listed on the customer's home or mobile telephone bill. It is a solution that is fast, safe and secure.

What it means for our clients:

  • BillMyPhone is easily implemented to your existing merchant checkout process.
  • BillMyPhone provides customers that do not want to pay by check or credit card with additional payment option.

Merchants have the ability to set up re-occurring payments or schedule a monthly charge to a customer's phone bill. With BillMyPhone, Merchants can now service every Customer, regardless of the form of payment they choose.