CashElect is available to any Merchant that wishes to add a cash payment option to their traditional payment services. Whether it is for a one time purchase payment, a layaway or periodic 'subscription' payments for telephone, ISP, monthly bills, etc., CashElect can quickly and securely manage customer cash payments.

CashElect uses a national network of retail bank branches to accept and report payments to CashElect's state-of-the-art server and communications center. CashElect's payments and data are protected and secure through the use of these bank branches as points of payment.

What it means for you:

  • Offer more payment options to customers than ever before
  • Service every customer regardless of the form of payment they choose
  • Cash deposits (Payments) are quickly transferred into the merchants account
  • No heavy charge back fees
  • No credit card fraud to worry about
  • No start-up costs
  • Daily payment & deposit reports and monthly recaps are provided to merchants

Until now, Merchants were limited to accepting payments that could only be verified by their operators and websites, restricting customers and their payments to credit cards and electronic checks.