Improve the effectiveness of marketing strategies by engaging your audience with unrivaled contact center outbound services. Back Office Support Systems works closely with our clients to determine exact needs and implement the most effective methods to increase sales and awareness.

Telemarketing Campaigns

Telemarketing campaigns are an extremely effective part of any marketing strategy. They provide the ability to reach targeted prospects and customers in order to communicate your message, determine next steps of a relationship, and generate customer data and sales. B.O.S.S. Contact Centers are available to make calls, take payments and manage campaigns when additional resources are needed. We work closely with our clients through the entire campaign process, from training, targeting markets, creating scripts, generating leads and setting realistic goals. We'll work tirelessly to make your campaign a success and strive to exceed your expectations.

Fundraising Campaigns

Community Strategies, Inc. (a B.O.S.S. Company) gets fundraising initiatives on track and advances the health of an organization's programs. We offer fully trained, customer service focused fundraising agents who are committed to helping achieve our clients' goals. This includes reaching out to the untapped outbound donor market, enhancing donor confidence and increasing donations. We treat each call as an opportunity to build a relationship; and more relationships means more revenue. We connect and reconnect organizations with alumni, members, friends, families, students and donors.
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Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting Services turn prospects into high quality opportunities at a higher conversion rate. B.O.S.S. takes the burden of this sometimes tedious and timing-consuming task off the shoulders of the sales force. Our agent's are experienced in taking that initial step in starting a new relationship with our clients' audience. All appointments are thoroughly screened to ensure the prospect fits within the marketing strategy.

Live Polling/Telephone Surveys

Live polling and telephone survey capabilities allow for cost-effective relationship building solutions for politicians, charities and non-profits, marketing companies, merchants and more. This includes conducting product surveys, performing market research, collecting data and learning about consumer attitudes and suggestions. Back Office Support Systems specializes in database management services and ensures the most accurate reporting.

Lead Generation & Verification

Back Office Support Systems understands that the more diligently the quality of contact information is verified, the quicker it will go through the lead process. Once a lead has been verified, our contact center agents will connect with multiple contacts within an organization in order to understand the potential need of your product or service, find out if the company has a budget for it, and pinpoint the decision makers to maximize profitability.


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