Reach a higher volume of customers and expand your market by delivering up to 2 million automatic pre-recorded voicemails, and thousands of SMS text messages and email an hour. Increase awareness, sales, revenue and lead generation by reaching out to more consumers faster, with no technology limitations. Back Office Support Systems contact center technology solutions provide relationship-building tools and provide the power to gain insight on valuable marketing data quickly and affordably.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and custom applications are reliable and provide the most accurate results. When an automated message campaign is initiated an outbound pre-recorded call is delivered using the highest quality IVR technology.

  • Engage with your customers in a whole new way, while increasing awareness and sharing the latest political news or endorsements, sales, or promotions, etc.
  • Collect imperative information and feedback about your customers and market.
  • Send out customer notifications, appointment reminders, payment deadlines, event dates, and more.

B.O.S.S. contact center technology solutions increase productivity, and allows our clients to receive the maximum number of successful calls and improve campaign bottom-line with less overhead.


Products & Services

  • Automated Messages & Reminders
  • Automated Polling & Surveys
  • Entertainment Event Notifications
  • Public Service Anouncements
  • Customized Applications
  • Data Management
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