Share the latest news or endorsements, sales or promotions, administer product surveys and gain insightful market data. Back Office Support Systems builds custom campaigns with contact center technologies that best fit our clients' needs.

Automated Services

Automated messages and reminders allow our clients to increase productivity by promoting new services, reminding people to vote or making collection calls with less overhead. Our technology provides the option of using a computer-generated voice, a real person recorded message or SMS text. Send up to 2 million automatic pre-recorded voice mail messages and reminders per hour at any time of the day.


Automated polling and surveys are a good marketing tool for merchants, politicians, independent contractors and more. Determine market concerns, needs and views and create stronger marketing messages and campaigns that relate to your audience.

Versatile Calling Systems

Consumer Applications

Versatile Calling Systems (VCS) is an online platform that provides consumers with a convenient way to purchase and recharge pre-paid calling minutes to your personal account at a lower cost than most local providers.


Inmate Applications

VCS provides correctional facilities with an inmate specific interface that provides total control over real-time data, allows for staff to set call charges and parameters, add funds to accounts, download call recordings and more.  VCS is secure, convenient and provides a cost effective solution to consumers and facilities alike.  Download the latest VCS collateral piece here or click here to learn more.

Public Service Announcements

Public service announcements sent by phone and SMS text messages are a cost effective way to inform and educate the public, with hopes of creating awareness or change. B.O.S.S. understands delivering our clients' message via multiple marketing channels is pertinent for a successful campaign, and we have all the resources needed to kick it off successfully. From creating a target market list, delivering messages to the masses, to data analysis; B.O.S.S. covers all the bases.

Customized Applications

Clients rely on our expertise to create custom built applications that streamline their business and increase productivity. Each custom application we create is a tailored solution specific to our clients and their goals. Collaborate with your team, receive instant access to data or streamline workflows with a web interface. No matter the challenge, Back Office Support System's team of Lead Strategists, Engineers, Tech Support Experts and Developers will create an application that maximizes business efficiency.

Data Management

An increasing number of companies are outsourcing day-to- day, repetitive business needs such as transaction processing services, web services and data warehousing to vendors like Back Office Support Systems. By optimizing and enhancing the quality of your overall operations you can build on core business needs. B.O.S.S. delivers top-of-the-line data management services that optimize efficiency and provide cost saving solutions. To learn more click here.