Back office Support Systems has the experience and technologies capable of servicing data management needs and we're committed to helping our clients reach their goals. We'll support your staff and overall business process, so you can concentrate on your core business.

Web Services

Create a single access point to share information, company data and important resources; with a custom Web Portal Interface. A Web Portal helps companies manage data, collaborate and create a more efficient work flow. B.O.S.S. works with our clients to build custom Web Portal Interfaces that encourage usability, functionality and accessibility.


B.O.S.S. can create and customize downloadable reports that effectively monitor business performance and provide data analysis. Custom reporting enhances operational efficiency and ensures access to critical information. This creates the ability to quickly view, subscribe to, extract, filter and share data instantly to better manage internal information processes securely. Download printable reports in PDF and excel formats instantly.

Data Warehousing & Analytics

Analyze customer behavior patterns, call records and customer usage from multiple perspectives, allowing a deeper look into market behavior and a better understand of business. Back Office Support Systems provides an array of Data Warehousing Solutions, along with a data structure that allows for fast analysis of our clients' data.

Custom Workflows

Manage business practices, organize hierarchies, lower costs due to errors and increase productivity with custom workflows. We work with our clients each step of the way to help with identifying issues, evaluating next steps and implementing a front end portal to provide a clearer process for their teams.